17th March 2021.

   The latest round of commentaries on books recently read posted on my 'Goodreads' account includes ''Tales of The Grotesque' by L.A. Lewis (Shadow Publishing), 'Nick Blinko' (Zagava), 'Everyman Remembers' by Ernest Rhys (Cosmopolitan Book Corp.), 'Memoirs of a Coxcomb' by John Cleland (Broadview), 'Thunder at Twilight: Vienna 1913/14' by Frederick Morton (De Capo), 'Janus' by George Barker (Faber), 'In the Sky' by Octave Mirbeau (Nine Banded Books), 'Wyrd, and Other Derelictions' by Adam Nevill (Ritual), 'A Residence Afresh' by Margery Lawrence (Hale) 'She Sleeps' by R. B. Russell (PS Publishing) and 'Beware of Pity' by Stefan Zweig (Pushkin Press). See the sidebar for the link.
   I continue to regularly (at least weekly) post on Instagram. It is not just books and shameless self-promotion, although there is some of 'that type of thing', as I alleviate it with other stuff I like. Join me at: