4th January 2017:

We are pleased to say that we now have new stock of Hanns Ewers  'Hearts of Kings' available. See below for ordering information.

     In other news John Hirschhorn-Smith recently gave an illustrated presentation on 'The European Weird and Hanns Heinz Ewers' at a 'Weekend of Weird' which ran 26-27th November 2016 and was organised by Loughborough University. This has now been put online HERE.  

    Another review of 'Dissonant Intervals', this time by Reggie Oliver, appears in the latest issue (#27) of 'Wormwood', which he calls an "outstanding and highly individual collection."

      He emphasises Marvicks debt to M/ R. James and  even detects a "certain fustiness about Marvick’s writing, but this, depending on your taste, may only add an extra tang to the distinctive atmospheres he so vividly evokes".

      Of the stories, calls ‘Of Interactive Surveillance and the Circular Firing Squad’ "impressive"; ‘Maculate Vison’ as "an entertaining and substantial achievement" and, similar to other reviewers, he especially singles out 'The Connoisseur of Grief' describing it as "a small masterpiece".

      Wormwood can be bought  HERE.