12th June 2021.

   The latest round of commentaries on books recently read posted on my 'Goodreads' account includes 'Pagan Dreams' (on Capri) by Jamie James (Strauss and Girou), 'The Goats Hoof' by Algernon Crofton (Convici), 'Quentin and Phillip' by Andrew Barrow (Pan), 'The Otherwise' by Mark E Smith and Graham Duff (Strange Attractor), 'The Sins of The Fathers' by Jennifer Birkett (Quartet), 'The Beauty of The Metropolis' by August Endell, 'The Guesthouse at the Sign Of The Teetering Globe' by Franziska zu Renetlow, 'Death' by Anna Croissant-Rust (The latter three all published by Rixdorf), 'Death' is excellent and only my third 'five star' book this year. See the sidebar for the link.
   I continue to regularly (at least weekly) post on Instagram. It is not just books and shameless self-promotion, although there is some of 'that type of thing', as I alleviate it with other stuff I like. Join me at: