Originally published in 1897, this novella by arch-decadent Jean Lorrain (the pseudonym of Paul Alexandre Martin ­Duval, 1855-1906) is newly translated, introduced and annotated by Brian Stableford who has previously translated Lorrain for publishers such as Dedalus, Tartarus Press and Snuggly Books.

      Those familiar with Lorrain’s decadent oeuvre such as his novel ‘Monsieur De Phocas’ will be unsurprised to learn that this novella is equally bizarre, eccentric and full of abnormal psychologies, epitomized by eponymous ‘hero’ (party modelled on fellow-decadent author Barbey-d’Aurevilly) who regales two visitors to Amsterdam with stories concerning his youthful adventures in high society with his ‘dear friend Monsieur Mortimer’. It is also a strangely poignant work of exotic phantoms and faded dreams which seem to have haunted its own author, for in 1898 Lorrain wrote an ‘epilogue’ to the book that remained unpublished until 1935. This moving coda is now incorporated into the present volume.

    The Side Real edition is also augmented by a suite of illustrations by the French artist and designer Etienne Drian (1885-1961) which originally appeared in a French-language de-luxe limited edition of the book published in 1927. Drian remains largely unknown to the English speaking world although his sinuous fashion illustrations for magazines such the U.S. magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ helped to define the ‘jazz-age’, while his interior designs graced the homes of the New York jet-set and Indian Maharajahs. An essay (including a rarely seen studio portrait of the artist) by fashion historian and conservator Sandrine Tinturier is the most substantial biography yet of this reclusive designer.

    The book is also our largest and most sumptuous volume to date, measuring 280 x 230mm (11” x 9”); printed on thick paper in four colours to ensure the best quality reproduction of Drian’s artwork and bound in a heavy book-cloth blocked in two colours. It has been produced in an edition of 300 numbered copies.


  •  Introduction by Brian Stableford.
  • 'Monsieur De Bougrelon' illustrated by Etienne Drian.
  • 'Drian - A Dog In A Game Of Skittles' by Sandrine Tinturier.

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     Drawing inspiration from sources including the work of M. R. James, fin de siècle French literature and other authors of decadent vision, Marvick’s work has appeared in volumes from Ex Occidente Press, Sarob Press, Supernatural Tales and Shadows and Tall Trees. This, his first collection, comprises a number of previously available tales and adds four new works, one of which is a novella.


  •       Pockets of Emptiness
  •       Devil’s Music
  •       The Mirror of Don Ferrante
  •      The Madman of Tosterglope
  •       A Connoisseur of Grief*
  •       The Red Seed
  •       Is for Ilinx
  •       Maculate Vision*
  •       Of Interactive Surveillance and the Circular Firing Squad
  •       The Purloined bibelot*

* indicates a story unique to this volume.
300 numbered copies.
Offset printed.
Large Format 185 x 230mm (7 1/2" x 9")
Full colour wraparound cover by Andrew Marvick and clear plastic screen-printed d/w.
Silk ribbon marker.

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REVIEWS OF 'Dissonant Intervals'

    A five-star review (posted June 2020) by Forrest Aqguire can be found HERE. Among other observations, he describes 'Pockets of Emptiness' as "one of the most effective ghost stories I have read because it explicitly ignores any attempt at scaring the reader but instead slowly scoops hope out of the leader and fills the gap with a grey drizzling depression... The writing is exquisite, Carefully crafted to draw the reader into a hazy mists of hopelessness".

   An appreciative review by Des Lewis can be found on his blog HERE. He describes 'A Connoisseur Of Grief' as "Another classic work for those who relish the atmosphere of traditional ghost stories, blended with extra dimensions that transcend such tradition." and the novelette 'Of Interactive Surveillance and the Circular Firing Squad' as "one of those works that I am too rarely privileged to read."

      Another positive review by Mario Guslandi was published on and can be found HERE. In it he states that "Louis Marvick is one of the few new authors endowed with the ability to disquiet by means of an elegant, classy narrative style that affects the reader’s brain rather than their gut".

      In issue (#30) of 'The Ghosts and Scholars M. R. James Newsletter'  (buy that
HERE), Peter Bell described Marvick as "a gifted writer of extraordinary originality and erudition, offering thought-provoking tales... articulated without pretension."

     He refers to the tales as "lengthy, profound, complex, and full of fascinating detail" and places his work in the context of the 'strange' of Meyrink, Huysmans and Kafka with "skilled elision into the narratives of Jamesian motifs and imagery."

     Reggie Oliver describes it as an "outstanding and highly individual collection" in issue 27 of 'Wormwood' which is available

      He emphasises Marvicks debt to M/ R. James and  even detects a "certain fustiness about Marvick’s writing, but this, depending on your taste, may only add an extra tang to the distinctive atmospheres he so vividly evokes".

      Of the stories, he describes  ‘Of Interactive Surveillance and the Circular Firing Squad’ as  "impressive"; ‘Maculate Vision’ as "an entertaining and substantial achievement" and, like other reviewers, he especially singles out 'The Connoisseur of Grief' describing it as "a small masterpiece".



      Beresford Egan (1905-1984) is perhaps best known as a satirist and illustrator, whose success du scandal 'The Sink of Solitude' ( a satire of Radcliffe Halls  'Well Of Loneliness') effectively launched his London career. His work appeared in a number of de-luxe books of the nineteen-twenties and thirties including works by De Sade, Baudelaire, Pierre Louys and Aleister Crowley though Egan also maintained careers as novelist, dramatist, theatre critic and actor. 'Pollen' was his first novel.

'Pollen' and the extra item only available with direct orders; a reproduction of 1933 promotion flyer.

      This 1933 semi-autobiographical novel of 'deco-decadence' concerns the artist  Lance Daurimer whose bohemian life brings him into contact with the recherche Anna Forster and the rich, but innocent, Marylyn Irriscourt. His relationships with these opposing characters take him from the club-land of Londons West End to the depths of Parisian Montmartre, while his soul vacillates between Luciferian ecstasy and the rites of the Holy Roman Church. The evocation of the former is the books only fantastic element.
      Its stylish cynicism and polished prose will find approval from lovers of Wilde and Huysmans, whose clichés of decadence he knowingly (and lovingly) mocks. The novel also has a more caustic edge, satirizing of vacuous 'smart set' of the 'twenties and attacking the hypocrisy of establishment morals.
      Egan's illustrations are integral to the work and, as in the original edition, have been separately printed for maximum quality and inserted, by hand, at the appropriate places within the text.
The new edition also adds an end piece illustration unused in the original, and the transcript of a previously unpublished Egan lecture 'Black and White Art: What Is it?' given in 1933.
      The volume is further enhanced by an introduction by Egans friend and biographer Adrian Woodhouse, in which he reveals the story behind the production of the original edition and exposes the autobiographical elements within the text.

      An overview of Egan's life and work by John Hirschhorn-Smith, illustrated with many previously unseen images, is


    •          'Pollen' - An Introduction - Adrian Woodhouse

    •          'Pollen' - Beresford Egan

    •         'Black and White Art: What Is It?' - Beresford Egan [Previously unpublished]

    ISBN: 978-0-9542953-8-7
    300 numbered copies (with
extras only available via this website)
    Offset printed and blocked on the front cover.
    Full-page illustrations separately printed inserted by hand into the book during production.
    Silk ribbon marker.

    In addition, individuals who order directly from the Press will receive an extra item; a reproduction of the original 1935 publicity flyer for 'Pollen' embossed with the Side Real logo and signed by the publisher.

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